At Samlesbury Hall we are dedicated to ensuring that your school trip is not only highly entertaining and enjoyable for the children, but also falls within the national Key Stage 1,2 and 3 framework. We have tailored several options to suit both Primary and Secondary school History.

Primary School History - Key Stage 1 & 2

(Each tour will be tailored to either key stage 1 or key stage 2 pupils)

Victorian School – Explore our Victorian schoolroom with our special head mistress.

Key objectives:

  • To help the children to make comparisons and find similarities and differences between schools now and at different times in the past.
  • To introduce the children to the idea of history as detective work.
  • To develop the children's skills of observation through close examination of sources - objects and pictures from the past.
  • To help the children to develop empathy with past children through storytelling.

Teachers Notes:

The talk will address two sections of the key stage 1 and 2 breadth of study for history:

  • changes in their own lives and the way of life of their family or others around them
  • the way of life of people in the more distant past who lived in the local area.


£6 per child for the day (minimum 20), teachers free of charge.

For more information on our school trips, please contact us on 01254 812010 or to arrange a visit.