Samlesbury Hall is renowned as one of the most haunted locations in Britain. Resident spirits include the legendary White Lady, Dorothy Southworth who died of a broken heart and has since been seen on many occasions within the Hall and grounds.

One particular spot in the Great Hall is the place where strange things regularly happen - a slap to the back of the head, uncomfortable feelings by wedding guests and a shadow passing have all been reported.

Many TV programmes and magazines have attempted to record the ghostly activity at Samlesbury. Visitors have included UKTV's 'Most Haunted' team with Yvette Fielding and Derek Acorah, historian and ghost-hunter Richard Felix, Radio One DJ Edith Bowman and numerous international media teams.

The Hall hosts a regular programme of ghost-hunt events and haunted tours in the North West, where audiences can experience and participate in live interactive paranormal investigations.

You can check out the ghost event programme on Samlesbury Hall's events listing. But early booking is recommended - they're always a sell out! To attend a ghostly visit, Witches in Lancashire tour or enquire about an overnight stay, please contact