Please see our FAQs below. If you can't find an answer to your question please contact us.

Why do the Historic Hall and Grounds close to the public sometimes?

We close every Monday for maintenance and cleaning work.  Every Saturday and other occasional days we close for weddings, which brings much needed income into the charity.

Can we still eat on a Saturday?

Yes in the Heritage Café, no in the Wafflery.

Do you do guided tours?

Most Sundays.  Please check the website for details.  Should you wish to arrange a private tour please contact 

Can we purchase gift vouchers?

Yes!  For every part of the Hall, we have vouchers to cover everything.  Or you can personalise if you wish.  For example, Afternoon Tea.

To do so, please follow this link

Will there be any photography or filming taking place when we visit?

Occasionally we take photographs and film for publicity purposes.  These images may appear in marketing collateral and on digital platforms.  If you do not wish to give permission for this, please let us know should you see anybody filming or taking pictures.

Is the Hall suitable for children?

We welcome children and hope that there is something for all ages. The Hall is proud to have a very family friendly ethos.

Are dogs allowed?

Well behaved dogs on leads are allowed into the grounds (please clean up after them! Poo bags are available from reception if required).  We unfortunately cannot allow dogs into the Hall itself, with the exception of assistance dogs.

If you wish to sit and enjoy a cuppa (or a waffle!) with your pooch, visit the Wafflery and you may sit in the porch which is sheltered.

Dogs are also welcome in the café.

What is your event cancellation policy?

If bookings are cancelled more than 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the event. 50% of full fee will be returned. This will be in the form of a voucher that can be spent here at Samlesbury Hall. If the cancellation takes place 6 months before, we are happy to refund 50% of the ticket. However, if the cancellation is made less than 2 weeks before the event, no re-fund will be made.  Please note, this only applies to ticketed events and not weddings or functions.

Do you allow picnics?

We do not allow you to bring your own food or drink into the Hall or Grounds.  Please be aware you may be asked to leave should you bring your own.

The income that we make from our own food and drink sales is the reason why the Hall is open and free to enjoy.  

What is your lost property policy?

If you think you may have lost something of yours at the Hall, please contact reception@samlesburyhall.co.uk with details.  We keep any items found on site for 7 days, following which they will be disposed of.  If your belongings are found we ask that you arrange a time to come and collect them, otherwise we charge a £30 admin fee plus postage if you require your item to be posted to you.  Please be aware that any lost property will only be posted out once a month so there may be a delay in receiving your items.

What is your complaints procedure?

Samlesbury Hall aims to provide high quality services which meet your needs. We believe we achieve this most of the time: if we are not getting it right please let us know. In order to ensure our services remain at a high and improving standard, we have a procedure through which you can let us know of for any reason you are not satisfied with your dealings with the Hall. If you are not happy with Samlesbury Hall please tell us

If you are unhappy about any of Samlesbury Hall’s service, please speak to the relevant staff member or that department manager.  

Often we will be able to give you a response straight away. When the matter is more complicated we will give you at least an initial response within ten working days. Making a written complaint If you are not satisfied with our response or wish to raise the matter more formally, please write to the Director

All complaints will be logged. You will receive a written acknowledgement within five working days. The aim is to investigate your complaint properly and give you a reply within ten working days, setting out how the problem will be dealt with. If this is not possible, an interim response will be made informing you of the action taken to date or being considered.

Please direct any complaints to PA@samlesburyhall.co.uk

Or via post to “Complaints Department”, Samlesbury Hall, Preston New Road, Samlesbury, Preston PR5 0UP