Effy and Liam's Real Life Wedding

Effy and Liam. 19th March 2023

by Samlesbury Hall


What was the best part of your wedding day at Samlesbury Hall?

Getting married, but getting to share the day with those we loved too!

What did you have to eat for your wedding breakfast?

The chicken with the croquet, tomato and basil soup and sticky toffee pudding (the pudding got so many compliments!)


How did you meet each other and get engaged?

We met networking and got engaged at a spa place near where we live. Liam gave me some pokemon cards and in the pack was a card asking me to marry him (say yes and you gain a player 2 forever!).

What made your pick Samlesbury Hall?

Liam shot his first short film at Samlesbury (we both work in the same industry), which made it so special and I love tudors (my dissertation in our first year of dating was on Katherine Howard).

How did your guests enjoy the day and our lovely Shepherd's Huts?

They loved the day, everyone said how well organised it was. They liked the accommodation too! 


Photography - Neil Hornby 

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