Classical Pianist Jennifer Thomas visits her Ancestral Home

Jennifer Thomas, Southworth Descendant and Renowned Pianist, Plays at Ancestral Home of Samlesbury Hall

by Samlesbury Hall

International classical pianist, Jennifer Thomas, travelled over 5000 kilometers to find her 700-year-old ancestral home, Samlesbury Hall.

Click HERE to watch the wonderful Jennifer play the Great Hall's Bechstein piano for her homecoming!

Jennifer Thomas, who has appeared on stages all over the world, recently came to England to find the home of her martyred ancestor John Southworth – who was hanged drawn and quartered for professing his catholic faith.

Jennifer, who was born in 1977 Seattle Washington, traced her family tree through the Southworth family (please see @jenniferthomasoffical for a family tree reel). And after visiting John Southworth’s tomb in Westminster Abbey – where his body was placed after being sewn back together – she headed north to Samlesbury Hall near Preston, the home of the Southworth family.

Hall director, Sharon Jones, welcomed Jennifer and her husband (William) and made her an honorary member of Samlesbury Hall and presented her with a certificate. Sharon said, ‘it was an honor and privilege to welcome Jennifer and show her around our amazing Hall which dates back to the 14th century and has a rich history of the Southworth family.’

One of the highlights of the visit was when Jennifer spotted the Hall’s grand Bechstein piano which she couldn’t resist playing. ‘It was magnificent and sent shivers down my spine,’ said Sharon. Jennifer can be seen pictured in front of the ancient fireplace, which bears the Southworth family crest.


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