Bee & Heritage Centre

Visitors to the centre can explore the working lives of the honeybees that help shape our beautiful countryside. Learn how bees have been a part of history for thousands of years, find out how honey is made and explore ways that you can help support and protect our bee population.

Beekeepers are on site most Wednesdays and Sundays to answer questions and show visitors around. Products and access to the observation hive are only available when the beekeepers are on site. For an up to date list of opening times and dates please visit or email us at


Find yourself transfixed by the fascinating activities of the bees in our magnificent, glass-sided, indoor, observation hive. Watch them bring nectar and pollen back to the hive, see baby bees emerge for the first time and gaze in amazement at the bees making honey; all in the comfort and safety of the centre. You can also watch the comings and goings of the bees in our outdoor hives through the glass viewing windows at the centre or from behind our outdoor viewing fence.


Our display gallery provides a range of fascinating and useful information about bees and their history as well as the plants which they rely on (and which rely on them). You can even take a stroll through our half-acre, pollinator garden to see which plants best support pollination and watch the bees in action as they collect nectar and pollen. Our horticultural experts and beekeepers are usually on hand to provide guidance and advice.


Join us on the journey of a lifetime into a bee hive…

Imagine this… it’s a warm summer’s day. The air is vibrating with the gentle buzz of honeybees as they go about their work.  You can smell the subtle fragrance of beeswax in the air. Looking through the mesh on your bee veil you can see the frame of honey in your hand.   You push a finger slowly into the wax, past its point of resistance and honey erupts over your finger. As you put your finger to your tongue you can feel the warmth of the honey, sweetness like nothing you’ve tasted before.  You give it a moment for the flavours to settle, it tastes of apple, the very flower it came from that morning… Now isn’t that something to experience?

Honeybees create an amazing buzz. They offer a unique opportunity for you to get close to a truly prehistoric wild animal and experience its magic up close.

What’s more, you can also learn how you can help save them, ensuring that this cornerstone of our environment is protected for generations to come.

The experiences at the Samlesbury Hall bee & heritage centre last approximately 90 minutes and includes a talk about bees & beekeeping and their importance in the world, different varieties of honeybees, planting for pollinators, how you can help support and protect honeybees.  There is also an opportunity to explore a bee hive (suit provided) and taste the raw honey!

Our beekeepers will provide the bee suits and all materials EXCEPT wellies – we would suggest you bring some if you have them, or other sturdy footwear.

Experiences are £25 per person (minimum age 8 yrs). Price for families and groups available on enquiry.

Please contact or telephone 07971 956148 to make a booking.


For groups of 20 or more, why not combine your visit to the Bee Centre with a delicious lunch at the Hall?  Visit our groups page for more information, or contact


There is a range of locally produced bee products are available to purchase including artisan Lancashire honey, candles & wax products, hand finished jewellery & Christmas hampers.

There is also the opportunity to sponsor a bee or gift a bee or a hive for Christmas or a special occasion.  You can find more info here:

For the latest information about what's happening at The Bee Centre and the other bee conservation activities taking place please visit


 “Amazing afternoon, very educational.”

“What a fantastic experience!”

“Was an unbelievable experience.  Really worth looking at if you get chance!”

“This afternoon, we spent a fantastic couple of hours with the bees.  To be able to get suited up and watch a hive opening was something we never thought we would be able to do and it's an experience we will never forget.  There's something strangely therapeutic about bees and it's a shame they are widely vilified as these ones really couldn't care less about us being there!  We learned so much about bees, hives and honey and came away even more enthusiastic about bees than we were before.”

The bee & heritage centre is open with thanks to funding from the Lancashire Environmental Fund, who have distributed over £20m of Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) grants support to community and environmental projects which benefit the environment and people of Lancashire since its start in 1998.  The fund is supported financially by SITA UK Ltd, Lancashire County Council and various third party funders.

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