What a menagerie!

In 2008 it was decided that not only should people work for the Hall but that we needed some animals here to do their bit too. We now have a growing family of animals including;

Bees - 3 busy hives which provide the shop with honey and are far enough out of the way not to buzz around the visitors

Hens - the first batch of hens were rescued as chicks from a local owl centre (owl food!) and the last batch from a battery farm, all of which are now free range and supply the kitchen with fresh eggs every day (try the home made scones!)

Rabbits - when not breeding, our bunnies keep the grass low and save our Head Groundsman from mowing all the time

Goats and Sheep - our Pygmy goats and miniature Ouissant sheep also help keep the grass down.

Pigs Elvis and Ozzie our Kune pigs, our boys are very friendly and love a scratch, but due to their big teeth we ask you not to feed them!

Don't forget to visit all our animals during your next visit to Samlesbury Hall